Weeks review of PK3

This week in PK 3 we had a lot of fun working on various activities.

We really enjoyed being engineers.  As engineers we explored magnets, planes, gravity and angles.  We put the engineers planes on the white board and had to figure out how to get the gear into the bucket, by positioning the planes on the right angles and gravity.

Another activity we worked on this week is shapes. During circle time we looked for various shapes in the classroom.  We found that the clock is a circle, the table is a rectangle, and etc. Then we made a shape pizza we glued different shapes on a circle and counted how many circles, triangles, and rectangles, and squares we used.

We also, worked on our fine motor skills through playdough. We love rolling and feeling the playdough. Playdough helps on explore on our senses and our fine motor skills.

The last activity that we enjoyed this week was painting.  We explored painting with bubbles, we mixed paint with bubbles.  Then we used straws to blow the bubbl…

Catholic Schools Week Coffee House

Pk 3 was invited to the Coffee House that the eighth graders performed. They enjoyed singing and music, and snacks. They had coloring pages  and games for us to play.

Catholic Schools Week Monday Jan. 26th

Pk 3 was busy this week.  On Monday January 26, 2020 it was all about Celebrating the earth.  In Pk 3 we talked about the earth as a planet that we live on. Then we talked about how we need to take care of it. We took shaving cream and created the earth using food coloring. Then we placed the animals and place them where they live. (Penguins and polar bears in the south pole etc)

Stream project

We are working hard on our stream project for Catholic Schools week.  We are learning about the winter and animals that live in the arctic.  We learned about penguins and polar bears. We made a polar bears den using wooden coffee stirrers and large and mini marshmallows.  We colored a polar bear to put inside their den.

We love Gym Class

Pk 3 loves going to the gym. We love running and playing with differnet types of equipement. This past week we played with musical instruments.

Gingerbread man

This week in PK 3 we had a lot of funing reading about the gingerbread boy. We had a gingerbread boy in our classroom that would run away and we had to find him hiding in our classroom. We found him in the oven, the chubby blocks, dollhouse, and riding in the firetruck.  Where will he run away to next?

We enjoyed the story of The Gingerbread Girl who is the sister of the gingerbread boy. We made gingerbread playdough, we made a gingerbread boy using googly eyes and buttons.  The letter of the week was G for gingerbread.   

Kindness week

This week in PK3 We talked about being kind. We learned that it is the beginning of the Advent season and that during Advent it is time to reflect of how to share kindness in the world.  We had an Advent prayer service on Monday.  We read the book Have you filled a Bucket Today? Then we made our handprints and shared what we do to be kind.  We created a tree of kindness.
We also created a Christmas tree and worked on recognizing our names. We decorated a square as present and wrote our name. We made an oranment using sequences. This project helped us strengthing our fine motor skills.